Membership Application

The American Blueberry Growers Alliance (ABGA) is a national association representing blueberry growers in the United States—in fact the ONLY organization specifically representing the interests of U.S. based farmers. ABGA provides a unified voice for states across the country that produce blueberries, advocating on behalf of their interests and for the long-term health of the domestic blueberry industry.

With your support, we can champion policies that protect growers; ensure that consumer have access to fresh, American grown blueberries; and advocate for communities, which directly and indirectly benefit from domestic blueberry production.

The application for individual famers can be completed below. If you are interested in joining as an affiliate or associate member, please email for additional information on membership options and benefits.

Please make check payable to the American Blueberry Growers Alliance, and mail along with a completed membership application to:
American Blueberry Growers Alliance
403 N. Dixon St
Alma Georgia, 31510

If you have any questions, or for additional information on membership options and benefits, please contact

Terms & Conditions: Membership is subject to approval; ABGA membership dues are non-refundable. The initial membership fee covers membership through August 31. The annual membership fee is due by September 1 for the following calendar year. For members who join after August 1, a renewal fee will not be applied until the next year’s renewal deadline of September 1.

Membership dues are used to support ABGA’s advocacy efforts to advance the interests of blueberry growers and farmers throughout the United States – including, but not limited to, daily operating expenses as well as legal, government relations and public relations fees.


Membership Application

ABGA is the only association that exclusively represents the interests of U.S. blueberry growers. Become a member today.